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Our Experience

Organization like IBM, CSC, Expense Management Solutions, ProBusiness, Datanamics, Translatus, Edgelry Warren, Sugar Bakery, and hundreds of representatives from a diverse group of European-based companies have benefited from our help.  

We speak the language from small business owners through multi-national senior executives, 

Our Approach

You will benefit from our unique perspective because we know some of the best solutions and strategies are counterintuitive to popular thinking and generally accepted wisdom. 

Greater outcomes are achieved by working together.  Your people and resources are involved in the process and we then transfer our knowledge to you, helping you develop the skills and processes needed for future success. 

Why Us?

You will see typical results even before we start.

We care deeply about you and your success.  Every phone call gets returned. Every e-mail gets answered. 

Traditional consults get paid hourly and are incented to take their time.  We are compensated based on the value our results bring to you. Your success is our success. 


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